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Dreamtouch CMD

Mr. Vikas Bengade

Dreamtouch Trade India Pvt. Ltd.

CMD Message

“All birds find shelter during a rain, But Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but solution is different.”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. About 65 percent of the population in the country has an average age of less than 35 years. Such a large young population could be our strength, but due to lack of adequate employment in the country, a large number of youths are unemployed.

According to data from the Economic Cooperation and Development Organisation, the number of young unemployed in the country is very high. This is causing the feeling of dissatisfaction in the society.

According to the Labour Bureau statistics, India has, today, become the nation of the most unemployed in the world; in the inclusive growth index we are at number sixty and in this case, we are far behind our neighbours.

On the economic development front, inequality and increasing unemployment is the biggest challenge for the fast emerging India. Self-employment opportunities are declining in the country and jobs are continuously decreasing.

According to Oxfam, only one percent of the people on the global level have only 50 percent wealth. But this figure stands at 58 percent in India and 57 billionaires have assets equal to 70 percent of the country's population.

The agricultural sector's contribution to the GDP is around 13 percent, but still half of India's population depends on agriculture. On one hand, the agricultural sector is not able to bear this pressure; on the other hand, people here are not required to have the skills required for other jobs.

We at DREAMTOUCH TRADE INDIA PVT. LTD. offers respectable and economically stable business opportunities to over millions of youths of Maharashtra and India.

Efforts are made at Dreamtouch to provide a stable platform for the youth to succeed and walk on the path of growth and development and channalising youth energy in a constructive way to transform their family, village, society and ultimately India.

Dreamtouch brings good quality family products for the rural and urban population at reasonable rates. Products ranging from home care to utility to international standard fertilizers, everything is developed by us to give the youth a platform they can trust and interact. Doing this, Dreamtouch also presents a Golden Opportunity to earn Lakhs of Rupees by providing these good quality products and services to others.

Till Date, we are proud to be the reason of satisfaction for over 10 Lakh customers who use the Dreamtouch platform to deliver quality products & services to their customers.

Now, we are ready for taking up the national responsibility of developing the nation by providing employment to thousands of distributors and lakhs of satisfied customers.

Mr. Vikas Bengade.

Legal Director Message

Born and brought up in Multi-millionaire Business Family. Mr. Janardan Karbhari is amongst renowned personality in his business .He has established and successfully running various in real estate sector all over India. He has good relation with every social aspect. He has pursued entrepreneurship by choice and is inspiration to all.

He is Financially Sound with great finance Management Skill.. He Functions as a strong pillar to the Company and takes care of all legal and financial responsibilities of the company.

He is constructing one of the tallest Business Cum Residential tower in India’s Economics Capital City Mumbai.

Mr. Janardhan Karbhari
Legal Director

Dreamtouch Trade India Pvt. Ltd.

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